* Pre-Requisite: ACAM's Chelation Webinar Series

This session will cover what you need to know to actually begin IV chelation in your office: the actual nuts and bolts for the office administration of a standard IV chelation infusion of Disodium EDTA.  The lecture will cover the safety and precautions to use and the reasons we add the nutrients to a chelation protocol. This will also include the calculation of the dose of EDTA to administer, how to mix a complete chelation infusion, and how to start and finish a chelation infusion.  We will also cover and calculation of "safe" osmolarity for any IV you wish to create yourself in your office.

The final element will be an actual hands-on IV workshop where attendees will administer the ACAM Chelation Infusion protocol.

ACAM is offering two locations for the Chelation Live Practicum - Tampa, FL (registration has closed) and at the fall meeting in Las Vegas, NV. Pricing for ACAM Members is $905, Non-member pricing is $1005.

To continue your education in chelation therapies, please register for the live practicum.

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