Healthcare is experiencing a growing crisis as conventional treatments reach their limitations and the United States develops an every-growing aging population. In this medical environment, new and alternative strategies are needed. Stem cell based therapies are being evaluated for the treatment of a wide range of disorders. It is estimated that 132 million individuals in the United States alone may benefit from stem cell based therapy with the largest impact on patients suffering from cancer, diabetes, autoimmune, cardiovascular and neurological disorders. Other patients likely to benefit include those with osteoporosis, severe burns, and spinal cord injuries. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has identified regenerative medicine as the "next evolution of medical treatments." Due to the potential of stem cells and regenerative medicine to renew and restore organ and tissue function, physicians will have the ability to treat numerous ailments. Current stem cell treatments have proven successful over the years and it is anticipated that the therapies will be further refined to improve success rates as the results of over 3000 clinical trials are reported. This new field of medicine is expected to revolutionize health care.

The Advanced Stem Cell Education Program (ASTEP) was created to fulfill the growing need for knowledge on stem cells and regenerative medicine amongst physicians and healthcare professionals. This comprehensive program is guided by pioneer and stem cell expert Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj and other top scientists and physicians practicing in the field of regenerative medicine across the country. ASTEP includes an inclusive array of primary care, specialty and sub-specialty topics that were chosen through an assessment of current and future therapeutic application sf stem cell therapies. Courses offered by ASTEP provide physicians and healthcare professionals the unique opportunity to learn about this evolving field of personalized healthcare including the current advancement in stem cell research being performed by leading stem cell physicians and researchers. ASTEP integrates information, technologies, and skills from stem cell biology, laboratory, research, legal, regulatory, and ethical disciplines to cover ground breaking approaches that combat the disease processes of aging and chronic disease.



Mission Statement
The Advanced Stem Cell Education Program’s (ASTEP) mission is to support the advancement of stem cell research, practice and regenerative medicine through the education of physicians and healthcare providers. ASTEP intends to improve healthcare through the collaborative discoveries and innovation in patient care, education and stem cell research. The faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and physicians involved in the preparation and execution of any course provided by ASTEP aim to engage learners with interdisciplinary efforts so they may translate this knowledge into clinical practice and become leaders in the field of regenerative medicine.

The Advanced Stem Cell Education Program’s continuing medical education (CME) promotes education in the practice of regenerative medicine while encouraging life-long learning and professional development. ASTEP aims to provide physicians and other healthcare professionals with high quality, evidence-based educational activities focusing on advances in regenerative medicine, stem cell biology, laboratory research, and legal, regulatory and ethical disciplines. The overall goal of the program is to augment physician knowledge, enhance competence and performance in practice, allowing for appropriate stem cell protocols to be recommended and performed for patients in need.

Target Audience
• Clinicians, health professionals, and researchers with an interest in stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine from
around the world
• Healthcare professionals as part of a multidisciplinary team
• Early-career Researchers
• Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
• MD, MS and PhD Students
• Medical Laboratory Scientist
• Physicians Assistants
• Chiropractors