As the recognized leader in heavy metal detoxification/chelation therapy education, ACAM works diligently to ensure our curriculum is robust, relevant and of the highest caliber. Also, in 2017, ACAM published its much anticipated Chelation Protocol, which is only available to CCT applicants. 

Our Chelation Advanced Providers (CAP) Course with CCT Certification covers a broad spectrum of detoxification topics from biochemistry to billing. Our faculty ensure scientific rigor, complete understanding and safe, practical application of therapy to maximize health worldwide. ACAM's CCT credential is the gold standard for chelation therapy and the CCT designation is the highest designation achievable. ACAM receives hundreds of calls each year from patients seeking ACAM certified practitioners for their treatments. We invite you to renew your CCT for another seven years and rejoin the ranks of the elite CCT credentialed.

Step 1: Basic Chelation Webinar Series
 (Optional for those recertifying)
The basic chelation webinar series offers professionals the ability to study on their own time and grasp the essential elements
of chelation. The multi-episode webinar series is available online for 24/7 access at your convenience.


  • The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT): Connecting Silos of Scientific Information - Tony Lamas, MD, Facc, FAHA, FESC
  • The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT): Initial Results and Proposal for TACT2 - Tony Lamas, MD, Facc, FAHA, FESC
  • Environmental Cardiology – Heavy Metals (Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, and Cadmium) - Dorothy Merritt, MD
  • The Biochemistry of Detoxification - David Quig, PhD
  • Evaluation of Toxic Metal Exposure and Net Retention - David Quig, PhD
  • Nutrition & Supportive Therapies - Walter Crinnion, ND
  • Toxic Metals, Cardiovascular Disease and EDTA Chelation Therapy - Jeffrey Morrison, MD

In addition to the Basic Chelation Webinar Series, ACAM's Official Chelation Protocol, published in 2017, will be provided as a study guide for Steps 2 & 3. This in-depth manual was written by ACAM's Chelation Committee and provides the most up-to-date information available as of February 2017.

Step 2: Advanced Chelation Hands-on Practicum
Expert faculty include: Lyn Patrick, ND; Dot Merritt, MD; David Quig, PhD, Jim Roberts, MD
The Advanced Chelation Workshop and Practicum is the next step, putting the theories provided in the Basic Chelation Webinar Series into hands-on practice. The workshop and practicum provides in-depth training at the necessary hands-on level by combining the information presented in the webinar with a full course of new material including metal toxicology, lead and other water contaminate updates as well as the IV Therapies practicum. This second step to the end-goal of certification is offered twice a year – once in the spring and once during the ACAM annual meeting in the fall. DRAFT SCHEDULE

Step 3: Recertification Exam
Completion of the basic training webinar, combined with participation in one of the two hands on Advanced Chelation Workshop & Practicum offered in 2018, result in ACAM’s exclusive and nationally recognized Chelation Certification Therapist (CCT) designation.

Because of your prior certification, ACAM is offering an optional of two exclusive recertification packages:
  • Package 1 (Steps 1, 2 & 3): ACAM Member: $999  |   Non-Member: $1,249  OR
  • Package 2 (Steps 2 & 3): ACAM Member: $599  |   Non-Member: $799
ACAM will verify your previous CCT credential before processing renewal application. 



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