As each day passes, more Americans are disillusioned by today’s broken healthcare system. Because of this break, integrative medicine is becoming an ever-present trend in today’s healthcare. The integrative, whole person, model of healthcare is gaining supporters every day. Within the last year, nearly half of the US adult population has tried some form of therapy related to integrative medicine.

ACAM is the Voice of Integrative Medicine and its reach is unprecedented. Through our annual conferences, education modules, webinars, certification courses, professional membership, social media presence and monthly newsletters, we directly connect with integrative physicians and individuals interested in maintaining and improving their health.

By partnering with ACAM, you're joining forces with a trusted and established brand known for over 35 years. Get on board with the organization that integrative physicians worldwide call home. We have the content, reach and expertise to get your goods and services positioned in front of strong leads.


Exclusive Exhibitor Concierge & Registration Site
Experience world-class, highly personalized service from ACAM. Your time is valuable - our Exhibitor Concierge will offer you the highest quality service available with minimal disruption to your everyday work. ACAM designs an overall meeting experience to offer increased learning environments together with a world class educational
program. We promote learning retention and networking by offering extended break times and networking receptions with interactive experiences on the Learning Center’s Showroom Floor. We encourage you to invite your key leaders and visionary team to attend, as ACAM strives to offer more relationship and less “show” networking environment. Please consider our Legacy or Platinum level package as we work together to reshape the experience and lead with vision to obtain lasting, sustainable relationships. Increase your ROI by packaging your registration with an a ’la carte option to enhance your branding as you review our NEW options for additional opportunities.

Our goal is to ensure a successful return on your investment during this meeting. Let us know what we can do to help; our Exhibitor Concierge is available to assist in any way to ensure you have successful interaction with attendees. Have an idea? We’ll listen and do what we can to make it happen.

Our Exhibitor Concierge can help you arrive seamlessly and maximize your experience with a variety of enhancements for your displays or ideas for your core team to attend and maximize networking throughout the meeting. Additionally, the ACAM Exhibitor registration website allows complete, seamless registration for the hotel, air/car/shuttle, and combines the ease of online access 24/7 to details important to you such as FAQ’s, Shipping Instruction, Learning Center Diagram, Schedule at a Glance, RSVP and purchase of optional education sessions and social events. The site is updated throughout the registration period and offers convenient conference information as PDF downloads to assist with your planning.

Should you need any assistance with securing your support package, or if you have any questions, please contact Zach Haynes at 888.995.3088 or

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